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The Best Pillows for Your Hotel


Most hotel guests are there only to rest. They will be sightseeing, going on adventures, or dealing with work or business matters throughout the day—and they will be looking forward to having a good night’s rest. This is why the best hotels in the world ensure that they can provide the right contract pillows along with the best mattresses. Whether you’re an experienced hotelier or new to the business, it’s important to do the same.

A quick overview on hotel pillows

Hotel pillows are not like the typical pillows you buy for your home. They are more expensive and are made by manufacturers that specialise in commercial beddings. You can buy wholesale pillows at reasonable prices from reputable suppliers like Commercial Linen, which specialises in carrying hotel linen and towels.

Ordinary pillows vs. hotel quality pillows

At this point, you might be wondering: What’s the difference between hotel pillows and those you have at home? Their major difference lies in their brand and the cost, but going further, hotel pillows are more durable and designed to last longer. They’re better investments for your hotel because they don’t need to be replaced often.

Moreover, contract pillows ensure world-class comfort that is backed by better warranties. You can count on them to stay in shape and maintain their quality for a long time. They also come with cooling and hypoallergenic features (among many others), depending on the materials used to make them.

Types of pillows available

As you explore the range of wholesale pillows for your hotel, you are likely to come across many different types, but they usually fall under two categories: synthetic and natural.

Synthetic pillows – These are made of manmade materials like polyester, microfibre, and hollowfibre. They’re more affordable but not necessarily inferior. The key is to choose a high-quality material that feels like a natural pillow.

Hollowfibre pillows feel lightweight and springy, with a lot of support and bounce. They are typically made of polyester and are breathable because of the hollow spaces in the material. These value-for-money pillows won’t require much fluffing. They’re versatile, too, and you can find variants with waterproof, flame retardant, and anti-allergy properties.

Microfibre pillows are filled with fine polyester fibres that are tightly woven together to create a highly comfortable option. They could come with moisture-repellent and anti-microbial properties, too.

Natural pillows – These contract pillows are filled with natural materials like bird feathers, usually from ducks and geese. Because of that, they tend to be pricier than synthetic pillows and are more commonly found in luxury hotels. They usually have cotton covers to ensure comfort without irritation. However, they require regular fluffing.

Choosing hotel quality pillows

Contract Linen

The fill power and materials used in the pillow will determine how comfortable it is to sleep on. A good pillow will encourage a healthier sleep, while preventing back, shoulder, and neck ailments.

Different people have different comfort preferences, so a comfort scale from 1 to 5 has been developed in the hotel beddings industry for easy reference. Level 1 is very firm, which means adequate support for the neck, head, and shoulders. Two is medium firm (ideal for back sleepers). Three is medium (for combination sleepers). Four is medium soft (great for stomach sleepers), and five is soft (also good for stomach sleepers).


Top 5 hotel pillows offered by Commercial Linen

Get high-quality wholesale pillows at Commercial Linen. Here are some of the best pillows you can consider for your hotel:

  1.     Anti-allergy pillow – Made of antibacterial polycotton, this pillow can help ease the sinuses and help your guests sleep soundly and comfortably, without the sniffles.
  2.     Orthopaedic pillow – This type of pillow helps correct the position of the body when lying in bed, so users wake up without any stiffness on their shoulders or neck.
  3.     Natural pillow – Choose between duck down or goose feather material.
  4.     Blow fibre pillow – These pillows come in different sizes and weights. They are made of Blow Fibre 100 percent cotton.
  5.     Economy pillow – Budget-friendly without compromising on comfort, economy contract pillows are made of polyester polypropylene. They come in the standard size of 46cm wide and 69cm long.

Commercial Linen carries many other types of hotel pillows your guests will love. Be sure to check out the selection on our website.