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Carding is a mechanism by which a web of fibres is untangled and aligned at high speed by a series of metal teeth rotating. This method also eliminates short fibres and any residual waste material and prepares the fibres for the process of spinning the yarn.

In addition to carding, this is a procedure that can be performed to maximise the consistency of the yarn. The fibres are further aligned and, by going through finer combs, short fibres plus any residual impurities are eliminated. A more even, smooth, clean and stronger yarn is produced by this method. Due to this additional step, fabrics made from combed cotton may be more costly.

Egyptian cotton has a longer fibre staple length due to the favourable growing conditions in the Nile Delta. This will have a cleaner, stronger yarn making a more luxurious and hard wearing Towel.

The normal fabric weight measurement is grammes per square metre (GSM). This is often used to mean a towel’s consistency. The greater the GSM, the higher the consistency of the towel.

With increasing GSM, the softness and absorbency of a towel would be greater, so the higher the GSM, the more luxurious the towel is. A towel that weighs less than 400gsm would feel slim and this should be the minimum weight for hand/guest towels. In certain cases, luxury towels remain in the range of 500-650gsm and higher.

A lubricant is added during processing to the yarn used to shape the terry loops, which allows the terry loop weft to be inserted during weaving. This lubricant gives a slick surface to the yarn, meaning it is very easy to pull the loops. Both to remove this lubricant and to allow the towel to shrink in the ground weave, which tightens the cloth and keeps the loops in place, a pre-washing process is necessary. In the pre-wash, about 3 times the normal amount of detergent is required to ensure that all lubricant is extracted.


A thread count of 200 and above, a tightly woven plain weave fabric (some would argue 180 and above).

This is the total number of threads per square inch of fabric for warp (longitudinal) and weft (large ways).

A weave pattern where the warp yarn floats over 3 to 5 (usually 4) weft yarns to provide a sleek, lustre finish.

A weave structure where the weft yarn floats over 3 to 5 (usually 4) warp yarns to give a finish of the satin kind.

The loom is used to produce fabrics with more complex woven designs like florals, etc.

The loom or the simpler geometric patterns used for weaving plain fabric (stripes, squares).

This is the method used to describe the yarn density and is traditionally given in the “cotton count,” e.g. 16’s, 30’s, 40’s. This is the method used to describe the yarn density (thickness). The lower the count in this scheme, the thicker the yarn, so a yarn of 16 would be thicker than a yarn of 40. In bed linen, the higher counts will be used, e.g. 40’s, 60’s and the lower counts in table linen. The “tex” method that functions in the opposite direction is the metric system used to quantify yarn density, whereby the greater the tex value, the thicker the yarn.

Pilling (often referred to as bobbling) happens when, as a result of abrasion, fibres break away from the fabric. These loose fibres form an entangled ball that is loosely attached to the surface of the cloth, giving a rough and worn look.

Due to its naturally absorbent properties that absorb moisture from the body during sleep, 100% cotton bed linen offers greater comfort.

Polycotton blends 100% cotton’s absorbent properties with the fast care and quicker drying features of polyester.

On some of our bed sheets, the coloured tabs you will see are there to help you determine what size it is. For example, if you are a busy housekeeper in a hotel and have a pile of duvet covers of various sizes, by only checking the colour of the tab located on each duvet cover, it’s quicker to recognise each size.

  • Single size – blue
  • Double size – red
  • King size – gold
  • Super king size – green


A duvet’s tog rating shows the amount of warmth it provides; the higher the tog, the warmer the duvet.

A winter duvet for adults is usually between 10.5 tog (the most common option) and 13.5 tog, with a 4.5 tog summer duvet. It is recommended that duvets do not exceed 4.5tog for babies and young children.

Without weight, microfibre offers warmth and, as such, duvets with a filling of microfibre can be very light yet warm… As a duvet filling, microfibre is the lightest and finest synthetic fibre available and provides you with the extra soft and incredibly cosy feeling.

Thanks to the spacing between the fibres inside the duvet, hollow fibre duvets are light and breathable. This spacing is what gives its name to hollow fibre duvets. Hollowfibre duvets, which some prefer over a duvet with a heavier feel, may feel light and springy.

The structure is the greatest difference between hollow fibre and microfibre. The fine fibres of microfibre allow minimal space between them, making a tightly woven fabric. Whereas hollowfibre, which is how it got its name, has spaces between its fibres. … The microfibre for winter is colder and better.

The most popular natural duvet fillings, both goose and duck, include down and feather fillings. The bulk of natural fillings are washable, durable and biodegradable by machine. Goose or duck down or feather natural filled duvets provide greater thermal insulation than synthetic duvets.

Microfibre has polyester fibres that are tightly woven and extremely thin with very little space between them. Hollowfibre gets its name from the gaps or ‘hollows’ between the fibres by contrast. This space makes squashy, tall and light hollow fibre pillows, but they can go flat over time.

Our microfibre pillows are extremely comfortable, simple and great value while easy to care for … Microfibre is a very fine fibre made of polyester, almost as smooth and silky as silk itself. The incredible softness ensures that, unless blended with hollow fibre, it will not produce more than a medium-firm pillow.