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Top Ten Tips To Fill Your Beds

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  1. Measure your conversion ratios. That is the number of visits that turn into paying clients. This is crucial because if your not converting you’re doing something wrong!
  2. How do you increase your conversion ratio? Send in a mystery shopper a friend or associate and find out the feedback you will soon find out what needs improving
  3. When someone arrives offer them a drink and welcome them take them to a nice area of the home where you can talk in peace
  4. Its important to talk first and walk later …you need to know what people want and are looking for before you can decide if you can meet there needs and help them or what facilities you have that are relevant
  5. Have a tour set up in your mind that flows through the home and Show them the features that are of interest and explain the benefits to them. Now talk as you walk and explain areas and services keeping the interest in your facility
  6. Engage with staff and residents alike introducing them as you walk around this gives s sense of unity a family feeling. You will always have a resident that likes your service they should be your ambassador, nothing better than hearing it from the horse’s mouth
  7. Pit Stop – choose an area towards then end of the tour where you can stop for 5 minutes to pick up on any questions or concerns this should be done before they leave to avoid thoughts that dwell in ones mind later.
  8. Success comes from commitment and try and get this before they leave you can use the old we operate a 1st Come first Serve basis so be sure to book your place to avoid disappointment but don’t be to pushy.
  9. If they don’t offer a commitment draw a path for a further visit, like you might like to join us for lunch one day or we are having an activity day on. …Or we are that confident we are happy to offer a trial stay for even one or two days so try at least to get agreement for the next step.
  10. Closer – try and get a closer – offer to go out and do the assessment without any obligation this will give confidence that your putting your time into it and care about the resident, remember ‘No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care’.